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It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it….

With so many new developments going on in chocolate at the moment it’s hard to keep track. So, we do the dirty work for you and, in our high-tec tasting lab (also known as the “Kitchen” or the “Living Room”) we will be investigating the latest chocolate products on the supermarket shelves and online.

This week, Bonne Maman Tartelettes.

How cute are these?

You will no doubt be accustomed to those red and white gingham lids adorning Bonne Maman’s delicious jams and preserves, and recently they have extended their gingham motif to biscuits, cakes, galettes and even financiers. Whilst these are priced at the higher end of most biscuit lover’s budget, they are nonetheless delicious.

The latest Bonne Maman product to catch my eye was a long, thin, fairly unassuming box simply named “Tartlette.” I picked up the box, was struck by the price (£1.10 – fairly cheap by Bonne Maman’s standards) and placed it straight into my basket.

The box revealed little about its contents other than that the Tartelettes were chocolate and caramel. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be two large Tartelettes in there or, as I hoped, lots of tiny ones.

So, once home, I sat down in our high-tec tasting lab (“Living Room”), tore open the box and was thrilled so see nine (yes, nine!) tiny Tartlettes, individually wrapped in cellophane.

No more than two mouthfuls each, these joyous little bites are the crispest, butter shortbread filled with creamy caramel and topped with a milk chocolate ganache. It was easy to see the box depleting with great rapidity as I shared them with Paul.

In short, they are the perfect treat to have with tea, would make a charming treat for the sophisticated child’s birthday party (much easier than making them yourself) but are best when eaten covetously away from the prying eyes of husbands or dogs…

Bonne Maman Tartelettes and many of their other goodies are available in most good supermarkets now!

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